Wendy and Connie Scott are very good at what they do....Terry can't draw worth a hooot!!! This type of Full Face Painting is very impressive, and it always leaves party guests ranting and raving in amazement for days. The only downside to it, is that this type of painting is a little more time consuming....but it is worth it! Also remember that we use professional face paints that clean very EASILY with mild soap and water. It cleans so easliy in fact, that it is not a good idea to have face painting at a pool party!


Terry, Wendy, or Connie at Illusoins and Balloons can help you determine which type of face painting will be better for your event. You'll just need to tell them how many children (and even adults) you think might want to be painted and the length of time for the planned event. This will help determine how many face painters you will need to make your event successful. Be sure and check out the photo gallery for our awesome Cheek and Arm Painting!!!



Leopard & a Butterfly Tigress Cheetah
Kitty 2 Be Meow! Leopard
Pack of Cheetahs Ninja Turtle Caribean Twins
Pirate Clown Troupe Lil' Tired Pirate
Unicorn Puppy Dog Rainbow Glitter Butterfly
Scarecrow Snake Boy Spider Boy
On the Prowl Painted Kitty Pink Kitty
Spider Dude Teddy Bear 1 Robot
Doggy on a Baldy Lil Pirate Another Kitty
Lil' Kitty Mario Turtle Sunset Theme
Patriotic Flag    



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