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How It All Got Started

          Terry Scott was born in 1971 and was raised in a Christian home as a

pastor's son. At the young age of 5 Terry’s dad invited a Gospel Magician and

Ventriloquist into the church for a weeklong Kid's Crusade.  Rev. Kelly Webb

and his wife conducted each service that week with songs, games, and an offering

competition between the boys and girls, with the losing group having to serve the

winning group at a hot dog supper the last night of the crusade. Even though Terry

was only 5 years old, he still remembers many of the tricks that were used & the

message that went along with them.  Rev. Webb also used a ventriloquist dummy

named Jeremiah who was always interrupting the Bible story and causing great

laughter among the kids.  Because Rev. Webb was staying near the church during

the week, Terry was able to spend a great deal of time with him.  Rev. Webb even

taught Terry how to pronounce the Ventriloquist's alphabet without moving his lips,

and Terry never forgot it.  One night after service during the week of the crusade

Terry considered all the minister had talked about that night. A Gospel song was

playing on the car radio and little Terry was moved to tears. It was at that moment

that he accepted Christ into his life. 


          Little did young Terry know, that someday hewould become a magician and

ventriloquist himself, bringing the Gospel to boys and girls in a way that would keep

their interest and that they would never forget.  At the ageof 18, he met Wendy,

his future wife.  After 3 years of dating they were married and have since had

three children, two daughters (Torrye and Miranda), and one son named Trevor.

The Gospel Side of What We Do

Terry never had any aspirations of becoming a magician.  He sang on his church’s

Praise Team and taught the Wed. night Royal Ranger’s class for boys.  But in February

of the year 2000 he and Wendy made a trip to Memphis.  While driving around they

passed a little magic shop.  It was at that moment, that the kid's crusade came back

to Terry, and he pulled into the parking lot.  He told Wendy that he could purchase a

few small magic tricks to use in his Wednesday night class.  Terry thought that he

could use a trick like an object lesson, to make it easier for the boys to remember

what he was teaching them.  He spent about $80 that day buying a number of small

tricks, and took them home to practice.


     After practicing each effect and getting comfortable with them, Terry spent the

remainder of that year using at least one trick every Wednesday night…and he made

several more trips to the magic shop in Memphis over the next year. A short time after

that first visit to the magic shop, however, the Royal Rangers had a sectional lock-in

where boys and men from a number of churches in West Tennessee came together for

a time of fellowship, food, and fun.  The event was hosted at Terry's church, and the

pastor approached him informing Terry that the planned speaker for the night was not

going to make it.  He wondered if Terry had something that he could use as a devotion. 

Terry happened to have a small trick that he had been practicing, in his truck.  It was

a cup and ball trick.  Three small cups were stacked on top of one another, and each

time the top cup was tapped, a ball would appear under the bottom cup. Terry told the

boys how that ball was like a sin that had been committed, such as stealing.  Many times,

when we make a mistake and do something wrong, it leads to other wrong decisions.  For

example, when we steal something, in order to prevent getting caught, we wind up lying

to our parents and others about where we obtained the stolen item, and the sins just

kept multiplying over and over, until there were eventually 4 balls.  The eyes and attention

of the boys were glued on Terry as he proceeded with the trick and the devotion.


     Afterward, the pastor spoke to the boys and gave an opportunity for them to accept

Christ.  Five boys from the ages of 7-9 were saved and became Christians that night.  

When that happened, something moved inside Terry's heart and at that moment Terry

realized that he had finally found his Calling.  He knew that children's evangelism was

where his heart was destined.


     In November of 2000 Terry purchased a book on eBay on Gospel Magic Object

lessons.  The seller was a magician named David Ginn www.ginnmagic.com.   It turned

out that David was one of the world's leading experts on doing magic for children, and

he was also a devoted Christian.  When David learned what Terry wanted with the

book, he told Terry about an organization called the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.  

David further informed him that the FCM had an annual international conference each

year, and he highly recommended that Terry attend it if at all possible. Terry joined

the FCM and continued to build his skills and talents over the next year, eventually

doing small Gospel magic shows in his church.  In the summer of 2002, Terry and

Wendy made an 8-hour trip to Marion, Indiana and attended their first International

FCM conference. They took classes on magic, ballooning, clowning, puppetry,

ventriloquism, chalk art, juggling, drama, and face painting.  Since then, they have

attended almost every annual conference and have incorporated what they have learned

into their ministry.  Now they use many dramatic arts to bring the Gospel to children

and adults alike as they travel from church to church.  Many lives have been touched

over the years as a result of their ministry and dedication to God’s work.


The Other Side of What We Do

For her 6th birthday party in 2002, Torrye (Terry and Wendy's oldest daughter),

wanted to have a special celebration. She wanted her Daddy to perform a magic show.

She further informed him that it was going to be a "dress up" party, and she wanted

her Daddy to dress up like a clown. Long story a little shorter, Terry’s alter ego,

Bananas the Magic Clown” was born.  Not long after this Torrye's mother even got

into make-up and costume, and Peaches the Clown was born as well. Now, many years

and many clown classes later, the Scott's are a clowning family bringing smiles and

laughter wherever they perform.


     Terry’s focus remained mostly on magic, while Wendy started out being the

balloonist.  Terry eventually learned to make basic balloon animals, but had no desire

to learn more.  That all changed, however, at the 2006 FCM conference that he

attended without his wife.  Trevor (Terry and Wendy’s son) was just over a year old

at the time, and Wendy did not want to leave home for a week without the baby.  So

Terry promised to take a few balloon classes at the conference for Wendy so that she

would not feel as badly about not being able to go to the conference that year.


     One of the classes that Terry took was taught by Greg Schuerman

www.gospelballoons.com.  Greg demonstrated how balloons could be used in a church

program and how they could even be incorporated into a magic show.  Terry was awed

by Greg's presentation, and he immediately began working on and improving his own

simple balloon skills.  Since that time, Terry and Wendy have progressed with balloons

further than they could have ever imagined.  They have even built giant balloon

sculptures and won numerous awards for their creativity.  Terry has now added balloons

to the majority of the magic shows that he performs, and he and Wendy use balloons

to decorate for weddings, proms, parties, and many other events.  Their dream is to

one day be able to resign from their “regular” occupations and go into the ministry,

entertainment and decorating business full-time while also taking their Kids' Crusades

on the road and bringing the Gospel to families around the world in an "illuminating" and

"enlightening" way.


     Terry wants to especially thank David Ginn and Duane Laflin for the way they have

mentored and instructed him in magic through the use of their educational materials,

illusions, and the examples that they have been as Professional Christian Performers. 


     Terry would also like to express heartfelt gratitude to Greg Schuerman and Mike

Edwards.  They are both excellent magicians, but also great balloon artists and have

truly inspired Terry’s balloon creativity.  They have been so willing to share what they

know, and Terry and Wendy greatly appreciate the friendship that has developed over

the past few years with Greg and Mike.


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