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You can tell these two clowns are married, because they have the same last name (The Clown)! Just like their personalities in real-life, the personalities of Bananas and Peaches are completely different.


Bananas-is a zany, loud, high-energy clown who does magic, makes balloons and jokes with the kids. Bananas might extend his hand for a handshake with a child, but when the child offers his hand, Bananas whips out a feather duster to clean the child's hand before shaking it. If someone wants to take a picture of Bananas with his/her child, Bananas might pull out a bright pink sign that says "Smile, A Kodak moment!" You never quite know what Bananas is going to do next, but whatever it is, if he doesn’t leave you laughing, you’ll at least be wearing a smile!


Peaches- Sometimes smaller children are frightened of clowns, but they usually warm up to Peaches before the event has ended.  Peaches is quieter and more timid. She paints faces and makes balloons for the children, but she does it in her warm, friendly way with a large smile. The small, glittery pink heart on the end of her nose tells children that they have nothing to be afraid of from this loving clown.


Terry & Wendy have taken professional clowning classes in order to be the best clowns possible and to maximize the smiles and laughter in the children that they meet. They use their clown characters to perform in many venues and to bring laughter and smiles to children everywhere. Together or separately they perform at birthday parties, corporate events, county fairs, reunions and in many other venues. Bananas is also a proud member of Clowns of America International.


Bananas has even taught classes on learning how to make basic balloon sculptures. He has conducted Day-Camp classes on Clowning to assist Girl Scout groups in Dyersburg and Jackson to assist the girls in earning their "Clowning" badge. In these classes Bananas teaches them a brief history of clowns, the types of clowns, the characters of different kinds of clowns, Costumes, make-up basics, and different skills clowns use for entertainment such as: juggling, ballooning, magic, comedy, etc. He even teaches them how to twist a basic balloon dog, and assists them with designing a clown face for them and allows them to try on some of his wigs & costume pieces.


Bananas has also been an instructor for the “College for Kids” program at Dyersburg State Community College.

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