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When they say “Face Painting”, they really mean it!

       Connie Scott (Terry’s mom) is a retired nurse, but she is also an artist.  She and Wendy can work side by side, or alone, to make your event one that will never be forgotten.  The full Face Painting they do is unlike anything you’ll find in the area.  They use non-allergenic professional water-based paints that easily clean up with soap and water.  The pictures that you take of your children, and even adults, will brings memories and laughter for a lifetime.


Is time an issue?

Can Wendy and Connie do the traditional cheek painting that everyone is so familiar with?  Of course, and even that is spectacular!  So if you feel that full face painting is too time consuming for your event, (or if the number of children expected to attend is many) then they will be happy to decorate just the cheek or arm/hand of the children to save time.


How Much Does This Cost???

          For Face Painting, they charge by the hour.  So it really just depends upon how large your event is going to be, the length of time you will need the face painters, and how many people painting that it will require.  Be sure and call today for a price quote!




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