Nothing communicates color and excitement the way that balloons do! Illusions and Balloons can provide balloon decor and/or entertainment from the Super Duper Giant event with thousands of people to the super small family gathering or party. Our balloons are like nothing you have seen in the West Tennesee area!




Our Motto- "There Really IS Magic in The Laughter of a Child"



Happy Ladies with Ladybug and Bumblebee

Life Size Cowboy, Cactus, and Horse

Life-Size Cinderella


Life-Size Cowboy, Cactus and Horse!



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Terry & Wendy Scott have won multiple awards for their balloon art!  Check

out the Gallery for sample pictures of what they do!


     By looking at the photos in the gallery, one can quickly tell that the balloons the Scotts make are nothing like the typical balloon dog that people have become familiar with.  Terry and Wendy’s sculptures are amazing and light years ahead of the average balloon twister.  The Scotts have come so far in such a short time with their skill with balloons, Terry and Wendy are now teaching lectures and giving lessons to other balloon twisters at various international conferences around the country.  

     Balloon sculptures add pizzazz, color, and awe to just about any event. They make an ordinary event extra-ordinary, and the smiles on the children's faces and the memories they have from the balloons are priceless. Balloons can be used at church events, family days, corporate events, grand openings, family reunions, celebrations, retail store special sales and other special days, holidays, restaurants, county fairs, trade shows, flea markets, and the list goes on and on. Check out our testimonials page to see some of the companies, corporations, and businesses The Scott’s have entertained for.  Balloon parties are also an excellent way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, (check out our Birthday Party section for ideas.)





Sometimes we are asked to create Balloon Caricatures of a special person for a birthday or a special event. All we'll need is a photo of that person in the clothing that you would like created, and some information about that person (such as hobbies) in order to make the scultpure more personal. For birthday parties which we are booked to perform, this is included at no extra cost. Caricatures may be purchased seperately, and price will depend upon the size and detail of the sculpture and the time required to create it.





Want something special for someone you love who is sick or injured in the hospital?  Everyone gets flowers or balloons, so why not send something out of the ordinary that is guaranteed to make them smile?  It could be a giant balloon version of their favorite cartoon character, or a life-size balloon bicycle, or even a "little red balloon wagon" full of balloon flowers!  Wouldn't that make you smile?


     Or perhaps you would like to do something REALLY special for that special someone in your life.  Ladies love flowers, and most men like them too!  When someone receives flowers "just because" or even for a special occasion, it makes them feel great.  The flowers are pretty and smell nice for a few days, but then they are gone.  Would you like to do something different that REALLY leaves and impact and goes the extra mile? Something that is just as pretty and that lasts even longer than flowers?  If you answered yes, then you may want to consider having a bouquet of BALLOON FLOWERS delivered to that special someone in your life.  It could be roses, daisies, sunflowers, tropical flowers, or even a mixture of several different kinds. You can even have a balloon vase made to keep them in.  Is it your anniversary? How does a large bouquet of balloon flowers in a giant balloon diamond ring sound?  The possibilities are almost endless.  You can see examples of some of these creations in our photo gallery, or you can call to have a custom balloon creation made especially for you!



     It is limited only by the imagination!  Balloons can be used to make creations or décor to match any event.  They can be used as a photo backdrop, as table centerpieces, as stage decoration, or as the focal point for any event.  Balloon decorations such as Columns, Arches, Canopies, Life-Size Balloon People, Themed and Holiday Decorations, and Centerpieces are perfect for events such as:


--Corporate Events


--Grand Openings

--Special Celebrations

--And More!

--Check out our Photo Gallery for more amazing photos!


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