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Types of Events:

-Full Church Programs

-3-Day Kids Crusades

-Children’s Church Programs

-Wednesday Night Programs

-VBS Kickoffs

-VBS Closeout Celebrations

-Bible Heroes Week (which usually takes the place of VBS)

-UPWARDS Closeout Programs

-Awanas Kickoffs

-Community Awareness Events

-Family Fun Days

-Fall Festivals

-Christmas Programs

-Youth Programs

-Christian School Programs

What about denominational issues?

        Terry structures all of his programs so that different denominational beliefs will not “get in the way” of presenting the basic message of the Gospel.  Terry’s basic program is focused on making the children aware of what sin is in a way that they can understand it, and Terry goes through God’s plan of Salvation in a way that the children will never forget.  His programs can also be themed around a special event, or around whatever curriculum the children are currently studying.  For example, he may do a program on how to grow in the Lord or upon the importance of Witnessing.


How Can You Do Magic” In Church?  The Bible Forbids It!!!!

            Terry makes it a point in all of his magic programs, ESPECIALLY Church programs, to explain to the audience that what he does is only illusion or magic TRICKS. He is very careful to explain to the children that he is not a witch, a wizard, a sorcerer, or anything of that nature. Terry makes it a point that he does not do witchcraft or anything supernatural. He believes in miracles, but he does not "do" miracles, only God does miracles. Terry just does illusions, or  “puzzles for the eyes” and uses them as object lessons to teach something about the Bible .

        In a world full of deception, deceit, lies, and evil, the Scott's feel that it is extremely important to ensure that the children understand that what they are seeing is just illusion, and not "magick".


What does a program consist of?

          That depends upon the venue and how much time is allotted!!! 


In a typical program where 45 minutes—1 hour is available:

        Terry begins the show by doing some amazing illusions to music and then demonstrates to the children that what he does is simply illusion.  Terry will then go directly into presenting the Gospel with various illusions, while adding a bit of comedy and relating to both children and adults.  Sometimes, depending upon the venue, Terry will use Tony the Ventriloquist Dummy as well.  Sometimes they are also asked to add balloon sculptures or face painting for the kids after the program. 


In a full length program (2 hours) or a program such as a Kids Crusade where there are services more than one night: 

        Terry kicks the night off leading the children in some memorable and comical songs that glorify God.  He then goes into the Gospel Illusion Show where magic tricks and illusions are used to convey different Biblical Truths. Terry also uses children from the audience to assist with some of the illusions as they are performed. The Scott's also use their balloon skills, partly to decorate for the event, but also as a part of the program.


        For example:  Terry may do an effect during  the show that he calls “Magic Deal or No Deal” where children are selected from the audience to participate in a  Magic Game Show.  Each child assisting will receive an awesome balloon sculpture at the end of the program, but the focus is on God’s Gift for all of us.  Another example of using balloons in the program, is when Terry teaches the children the story of David and Goliath.  At one point, Terry puts on a 9 foot tall Goliath costume made entirely from Balloons and a boy is selected from the audience to play the role of David.  This actually gives the children a chance to see and feel what it must have been like for David to face such a giant.  Then Terry goes into how the kids face a giant every day when they make choices of whether or not to lie, disobey their parents, etc... Some of these routines, such as David and Goliath, however will require a great deal of stage space and may not be suitable for smaller churches.


        In addition, a special appearance is usually made by Tony (the Ventriloquist Dummy) to portray a Bible story in a way that the children will never forget, and that the whole family will continue to laugh about all the way home. Tony uses comedy to help Terry tell the stories of Bible Heroes such as Sampson and Jonah. The children love Tony and his antics as he argues with Terry and changes words around to suit his point of view. The kids will go home saying things like "with his suitcase", and they will take memories away with them that will last a lifetime.


Games:  The Scott's also play games with the children as part of a full program. Many times, it is the boys versus girls. With each game, the groups earn points. They also earn points by bringing their Bibles, bringing friends, and by participating in an offering competition. At the end of the week, the offering that is generated by this competition is given to the host church or to a local charity. This is done to teach the children how important it is to give to God, but also how important it is that we share with others the things that God has blessed us.


At the end of the week there is a large fellowship meal. The group that collected the most offering is served by the other group, and then the group who brought in the least are served their food by the adults. The first group then serves the adults. This is done in order to teach the children that everyone in the Kingdom of God needs to have a servant's heart and how important it is that each person learns to give of himself.  While the adults are eating, the children play games, get their faces painted, and have balloons made for them. They are also given the chance to testify about what God has done for them through the week, as the event comes to a close.

How Much Does All of This Cost?

Sundays through Fridays for local churches Terry and Wendy do not set a fee for a program.  They simply ask for an honorarium.  They ask that the decision makers of the church pray about it, and bless them with whatever God lays on their hearts.  Everything received is put back into the cost of the magic effects, the balloons, the face paints, the games, the materials, conferences that are attended each year, training videos and books, etc…

        If a program is outside of Dyer County, the Scotts just ask for an honorarium and a request that the church keep their travel and mileage into consideration.


      What about Saturdays?  Saturdays are the only day when the Scotts would actually have to charge a fee.  95% of all corporate and private parties take place on Saturdays.  Every time Terry and Wendy schedule a church program on Saturday, it knocks them out of at least two events for the time that it takes to travel, set up all the equipment, perform the program, and pack everything back up.  As a result of this, for Saturdays only, there will be a minimum fee depending upon the length of the event and the distance away.  Anything that the church wants to give above and beyond the minimum fee will be greatly appreciated.



            When everything else has fallen to ashes and the end has come, then only things that are truly going to last from the lives that we have lived are the words that we spoke and the things that we did.  When the souls of humanity are weighed on the Cosmic and Eternal Scale on Judgement Day, will you be found wanting? Or will you enter into the Joy of the Lord? 

        Being of tender heart, over the years Terry has shed many tears for children that have been neglected and abused.  It is his goal in life to bring as much laughter and joy that he possible can, to as many children as he can.  Even more importantly, he wants to let them know that regardless of the hand that life has dealt them, there is ALWAYS Hope, and Peace, and Love, and Joy, and Life in Christ.  Terry and Wendy Scott truly believe that there REALLY IS MAGIC in the laughter of a child!


Thanks for visiting, and God Bless!


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