The pictures you see on this page are what most people think of when they think of "Face Painting". It is actually cheek or "body" art. This type of face painting is not nearly as impressive as our full face painting, but for larger parties or events this type of painting is much less time consuminmg. Terry, Wendy, or Connie at Illusoins and Balloons can help you determine which type of face painting will be better for your event. You'll just need to tell them how many children (and even adults) you think might want to be painted and the length of time for the planned event. This will help determine how many face painters you will need to make your event successful. Be sure and check out the photo gallery for our awesome Full Face Painting!!!




Shark Snowman Spider on a Web
Snake Santa Clause Dolphin
Little Fishy Kitty Cat Christmas Tree
Clown Fire Truck Puppy Dog
Ice Cream Cone Flag Flower
Ghost Black Cat Jack O Lantern
Butterfly Lady Bug Lizard or Iguana
Maple Leaf Teddy Bear Bunny Rabbit
Smiley Face3 Tyranasarous Rex Brontasarous
Alien Soccer Ball Bald Eagle
Star Bumble Bee Balloons



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