When your creations do not qualify as "People" and don't exactly fit the description for "Decor", then what else do you call it? You'll find many different fantastic creations under the category of "Special Sculptures." Terry and Wendy Scott use their creative talents with balloons to transform ordinary latex into something spectacular. What can be created from balloons is only limited by the I-Magic-Ination! Enjoy the photos and tell your friends and family all about Illusions and Balloons!



Optimus Prime Golf Bag
Stroller or a Car? Restaurant Balloons Tow-Mater
Pablo the Penguin Thomas the Train Sponge Bob
Caboose Clown in a Caboose Bi-Plane Side view
Bi-Plane We Love Balloons! Scooby-Doo
The Smiles Say It All Life Size Horse and Veggie Tales Big Bouquet
Neon Flowes in Daylight Neon Flowers in Blacklight Funeral Flowers
Giant Teddy Bear Cool Twistin' Monkey In A Tree
Invaded! Fame and Wealth 6-Foot Monkey
Formula 1 Racecar Formula1 Racecar Tired! Parade of Balloon Vehicles
Happy Customers We 3 Canes! Lil' Veggie Girl
Diamond Ring Started It All! Lost in the Balloons Trevor's Bday Hat
Balloon Princesses Don't Pull My Beard! Mrs. Claus Says "You're Late!"
Bi-Plane Butterfly Hat CareBear
Small Cinderella and Spongebob Frog Hat Giant Chicken
Giant Ice Cream Cone Invaded A Balloon Knight
Mater Caricature 2 Mater Caricature 2 Sideview Me and My Bluebird
Mohawk Hat Mowhawk Hats Rainbow Hat
Monkeying Around Balloon Princesses An Ocean Scene
Penguin On An Iceburg Bracelet Princess Sarah Balloon Swimming Pool
Table Top Christmas Tree Table Top Christmas Tree with Lights Thanksgiving Display 2008
Baby Bop Flower Bouquet, 3 Feet Tall Top Hat with Flower
Party Bouquets Blue Chick-Fil-A Cow
Bald Eagle Poodle Hat Rudolph the Red Nosed Tiger






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