Sesame Street



This decor was created for a one year old little boy whose family wanted a cute theme of Sesame Street Characters. We pulled out all the stops for this party including a full magic program and Peaches the Clown who did face painting and Balloon Animals. For the decor, we created a large arch in Sesame Street Colors: Red, Yellow, Green, and Dark Blue. Using the same colors, we created coordinating Gumball Columns to decorate each side of the performance area. To top it all off and to greet the guests, we created Life-Size versions of Oscar the Grouch in his Trash Can, Zoe, Elmo, and a 6-foot Cookie Monster!



Sesame Street Arch Magic Backdrop with Gumball Columns Gumball Column
Sesame Street Gang Oscar the Grouch and Zoe Elmo and Cookie Monster
Life Size Oscar Life Size Zoe Life Size Elmo
Life Size Cookie Monster    


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