Flowers and Butterflies Party



This decor was created for a one year old little girl whose mother wanted a cute theme of flowers and butterflies. We created a large arch supported by Giant flowers on both sides of the columns. The top of the arch was created with helium balloons with a large foil butterfly balloon as the focal point. A giant lady bug sits in the floor on one side, and a giant butterfly on the other (Not pictured in the overall photo.) If you look closely, you will also see small, really cute ladybugs crawling throughout the flowers and greenery on the arch for added flavor. A giant bumblebee also rests on the lower large flower on the left column. The cake table (not pictured) was set between the arch and the backgroud decor which consists of 3 six-foot flowers, which have a giant 14-foot caterpillar crawling between them. A large baby butterfly holding a really cute flower wand was created as the main table centerpiece.



Flowers and Butterflies Flowers and Butterflies Side View Baby Butterfly Centerpiece
Giant Butterfly and Bumblebee Giant 14 Foot Caterpillar Giant Flowers
Giant Ladybug Six Foot Flowers



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