How do you take an ordinary annual event such as abirthday party or anniversary, and make it EXTRA-Ordinary? By adding Balloons! When Illusions and Balloons brings entertainment to your home or event, we bring smiles, laughter and amazment by adding a Super-Cool Balloon sculpture. For example, say the birthday girl is really into Hannah Montana. How cool would it be to surprise her with her very own Hannah Montana Balloon Caricature?


We even do caricatures of real-life people. Maybe you are just looking for something out of the ordinary for a special someone in your life? Compliment and surprise them with a balloon caricature of themselves! See the pictures below for a few examples of what Illusions and Balloons can do for you!



Harry Potter Indiana Jones Obi-Wan Kanobi, Young Version
The King and Presto Army Dude Hannah Montana
Dora and Birthday Girl Troy and Gabriella Jacob Caricature
A Lil' Mermaid Princess Jasmine Sleeping Beauty
Cinderella Iron Man Superman
Spidey-Man The Flash Mr. Incredible
Batman Cinderella Life-Size Princess Rapunzel
Yoda! Shrek and Donkey Sponge Bob and Birthday Girl
Life-Size Magician Wendy's Bride and Groom Santa and Rudolph
Clown Caricature Bratz 2 Bratz 1
Bratz 3 Tight Rope Walker Trapeeze Artist
Polly Pockets Cowboy Horse and Cactus Surfin' For Jesus
Woman at the Well The Fall of Man The Glorious Appearing
Illusions and Balloons Caricature Balloon  Balloonist Balloon Face Painting
Balloon Ventriloquist Balloon Storytelling Balloon Puppets
Balloon Jugglers Balloon Chalk Artist Big Balloon Clown
Balloon Magic Life Size Balloon People Display Life Size Balloon Fireman and Policeman
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Caricature with Blue Kitty Happy Birthday Barbie
Caricature of Connie Another Hannah Balloontana Shane from Camp Rock
Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi Caricature Native American in Buckskins Pilgrim
Mylie Cyrus Caricature Doctor Don Caldwell Caricature
American Girl Doll Julie    




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